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Prototype to Final Design

During my internship, I was tasked with creating various prototypes for a new Buy Now Pay Later program that will be launched early in 2023. The idea was to show a lot of financial data in a minimalistic manner, yet still including useful information, and to find a way to keep users engaged and want to level up and increase their loan capacity within our program as they accrue points. 

homepage 2.png
mas detalles 2.png

I made various desktop designs, each time iterating with the feedback of my mentor. To further motivate users to increase their loan capacity by spending more, we created a game-type feel where users advance through different tiers, each with their own perks.


Based on a competitive analysis,  I included a progress bar, under the total loan amount, to help visually stimulate the user in staying on top of their payments. This feature made it to the final design as you can see below. 

Screen Shot 2022-12-19 at 7.24.32 PM.png

A really exciting experience is to have a design I pitched be included in the final design. The cards below will be released along with the Buy Now Pay Later program; each shows a different tier and a progress bar showing them how to achieve the next level, the progress bar being what I pitched to the Head of Product design. 

Usability Study for Mercandú

During the Fall of 2022, I interned at Mercandú, a Salvadoran e-commerce startup focusing on making shopping for U.S. imported goods easier. I conducted a usability study and competitive research to better improve their usability flows for user experiences with Orders and Favorites.

I worked alongside the Head of Product of Design to put this presentation together and I presented this to the CEO of Mercandú, in mid-December. My internship ends the first week of January and I'm excited to see which of my suggestions make it to the final update. 

*This internship was conducted entirely in Spanish; the mockups and my original presentation are in Spanish. The presentation below has been adapted and translated into English. 

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