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Website Redesign

I helped Sara Web and Studio with one of her small business clients requesting help with a website redesign. I was involved in organizing the information architecture. 

This internship was conducted in Spanglish, Spanish & English. The documentation will be in both languages; I translated documents into English when possible. 

The Last Monkey

The Last Monkey (TLM) is a catering business based in Barcelona, Spain. After identifying that the majority of their clients are film studios shooting in their area and they hoped to redesign their website to attract more studio works in their area. 


During this time, The Last Monkey had undergone a rebrand and sent us their new branding and updated photography of their menu items, team members, and b-roll. As well as much documentation of who they were and what feelings they wanted future users to have when visiting their website.


TLM wanted to focus on their menu items as well as their eye for food presentation. After analyzing their competition we sought to give them an aesthetically pleasing website that highlighted their team and amazing entrees. 

I reviewed their competition, and many didn't have updated websites so there wasn't much to work with in terms of design. Hence, we focused on displaying a trustworthy store, with a beautiful greeting page and organizing their sitemap experience. 

The goal was for their website to feel like the customer is walking into a store, getting an overall picture on the homepage, and focusing on each menu tab to have detailed information as well as a call to action at the bottom of each page.


The sitemap includes an idea we pitched to the client, to adopt a real monkey and display photos of it's journey in it's own submenu, however this idea was rejected.  

You can view the live website here:  

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